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Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve is one type of valve that is multi-use, because this butterfly can be applied to piping systems anywhere, in industry, ship building, platforms, housing and others. This butterfly valve is also commonly referred to as the Quarter Turn Valve.

You need to know, this Butterfly Valve can be installed on various media through it such as liquids, gases, mud with various levels of pressure and temperature. Initially butterfly valves were widely used in low pressure installations, but with the development of technology, now these valves can be applied to high pressure installations.

For a butterfly valve to fully open and close only requires a 90 degree turn or a quarter turn of the lever, so this type of valve can be operated quickly. But butterflies cannot be adjusted for a certain flow size.

With the channel cover material of a precision disc, Butterfly valve can be moved with an actuator shaft connected to the valve outer handle. Of the actuators that move or rotate the disc, it can be applied with a manual lever, hydraulic or electric motor.

Of course, with some additional auxiliary equipment, for example valve control for hydraulics and gearboxes that reduce motor rotation for electric motor actuators.

Butterfly Valve Type And Application

1. Concentric Butterfly Valve, has a strong seat with a metal disk

2. Double eccentric Butterfly Valve, made of various materials for the seat and disk.

3. Triple eccentric Butterfly Valve, made of steel.

The eccentric type or type is often applied to systems that require two directions, for example, oil and gas cover, LNG / NPG, chemical plants and shipbuilding.

Wafer style Butterfly Valve, designed to maintain a seal against bidirectional differences in pressure to prevent backflow in any system that is intentionally designed for unidirectional flow.

Lug style Butterfly Valve, has threads on both sides of the valve that allows it to be installed in a system with threaded connections or does not require bolt nuts on the flange.

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