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Rubber Disc Check Valve

Product Description

Product Description

Rubber Disc Check Valves detail

Size Range : DN50-600MM

Ratings : PN10, PN16

Body : Ductile Iron

Coating : Powder epoxy coating

Rubber Disc Check Valves Description

Check Valve answers those needs by incorporating many unique characteristics not found in similar check valves.  2” - 12” valves include Ductile Iron construction, with a 250 psi, cold working pressure rating.  Sizes 14” and larger are available in cast and ductile iron.

Double flange design, the disc is composed of steel plate, steel bar and nylon reinforced fabric.

Nylon fabric is inserted into the disc for strengthening the disc from cracking and breaking during operations.

40 degree angle declined seat which can help quick closure and minimize the water hammer and slamming.

Simple design, top entry bonnet allows for access for cleaning, replacement and maintenance easy.

Comply with BS EN 1074-3 & BS EN 558 F/F dimension.

Lift and Pivot Action - reduces seat wear, prolongs seat life

Stabilization Spheres - prevent vibration and wear

Disc Seal Overlap - provides positive seal, prevents seat distortions

Disc Stabilization - prevents disc flutter

Flow Sensitive Closure - spring assisted closure minimizes the potential for water hammer

Pressure Sensitive Vulcanized Seats - provide tight closure at both low and high pressures

Body Alignment Fins - provide precise alignment in ANSI 125 and ISO PN10 and PN16 installations