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Which Valve is the Most Widely Used in Life?

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Jun. 30, 2021

Gate valve refers to a valve whose closing member (gate) moves along the vertical direction of the channel axis. It is mainly used as a shut-off medium in the pipeline, that is, fully open or fully closed. Generally, gate valves cannot be used for throttling. It can be used in high temperature and high pressure, and can be used in a variety of different media. Gate valves are generally not used in pipelines that transport mud and viscous fluids. Today, the Gate Valve Leading Manufacturer is here. What are the advantages of the popular science gate valve?

DIN F5 Gate Valve

DIN F5 Gate Valve

The advantages of gate valves are as follows:

① The fluid resistance is small;

② The torque required for opening and closing is small;

③  can be used in the ring network pipeline where the medium flows in two directions, that is to say, the flow direction of the medium is not restricted;

④ When fully open, the erosion of the sealing surface by the working medium is smaller than that of the stop valve;

⑤ The shape is relatively simple, and the manufacturing process is better;

⑥ The structure length is relatively small.

Because gate valves have many advantages, they have a wide range of applications. Generally, gate valves are used for pipelines with a nominal size ≥ DN50 as the device to cut off the medium. Even in some small-diameter pipelines (such as DNI5 ~ DN40), some gate valves are still reserved.

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