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What is the Difference Between Butterfly Valve And Gate Valve?

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Aug. 12, 2021

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The butterfly valve is a valve that uses a disc-type opening and closing member to reciprocate about 90° to open, close or adjust the flow of the medium. The butterfly valve is not only simple in structure, small in size, light in weight, low in material consumption, small in installation size, small in driving torque, easy to operate, fast, and high in chemical corrosion resistance, but also has good flow regulation and closing and sealing characteristics at the same time , The use of butterfly valves is very extensive. , The variety and quantity of its use continue to expand, and it is developing towards high temperature, high pressure, large diameter, high sealing performance, long life, excellent adjustment characteristics, and one valve with multiple functions. Its reliability and other performance indicators have reached a high level.

Disadvantages, there is a certain resistance to the medium.

Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve

Gate valves are mostly used in steam pipelines and large-diameter water supply pipelines. Since fluid resistance is generally required to be small, gate valves are used. In the gate valve, the hand wheel rotates and the valve stem moves upward. The flow rate is different, the gate valve is required to be fully opened. A higher installation space is required, and the sealing surface of the gate valve has a certain self-sealing ability. Its valve core is in tight contact with the sealing surface of the valve seat by the medium pressure to achieve tightness and leak-proofness. The inclination of the valve core of the wedge gate valve is generally 3-6 degrees. When the valve core is forced to close excessively or the temperature changes greatly, it is easy to jam. Therefore, high temperature and high pressure wedge gate valves have taken certain measures to prevent the valve core from jamming in the structure. When the gate valve is opened and closed, the valve core and the valve seat sealing surface are always in contact and rub against each other, so the sealing surface is easy to wear, especially when the valve is close to the closed state, the pressure difference between the front and rear of the valve core is large, and the sealing surface wear is more serious. Our company has Butterfly Valve on sale, welcome to contact us.