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Are There Any Errors When Installing the Valve?

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Dec. 14, 2020

As a Flange Check Valve Manufacturer, share with you.

There are some taboos when installing valves. You must not violate them. Today, the butterfly valve manufacturer will tell you what are the taboos.

1 Water pressure test under negative temperature for winter construction.

Consequence: The tube freezes due to the rapid freezing in the tube during the hydraulic test.

Measures: Try to carry out a water pressure test before the winter application, and purge the water after the pressure test, especially the water in the valve must be cleaned, otherwise the valve will be rusty at light, and freeze and crack if it is heavy.

Multi-function Check Valve

Multi-function Check Valve

When the water pressure test is carried out in the winter, the project must be carried out at a positive indoor temperature, and the water must be blown off after the pressure test.

2 The piping system was not flushed carefully before completion, and the flow rate and speed did not meet the requirements for piping flushing. It even replaces flushing with water pressure strength test.

Consequences: The water quality does not meet the operating requirements of the pipeline system, which often results in the reduction or blockage of the pipeline section.

Measures: Use a larger juice flow rate in the system or a water flow velocity that should not be less than 3m/s for flushing. The water color and transparency of the discharge outlet shall be regarded as qualified by the visual inspection of the water color and transparency of the inlet water.

3 The sewage, rain, and condensate pipes will be concealed without closing the water test.

Consequence: It may cause water leakage and cause user losses.

Measures: The closed-water test work should be checked and accepted in strict accordance with the specifications. Sewage, rainwater, condensate pipes, etc. buried underground, in suspended ceilings, pipe rooms, etc., must be ensured not to leak.

4 During the hydraulic strength test and tightness test of the pipeline system, only the pressure value and water level change are observed, and the leakage check is not enough.

Consequence: Leakage occurs after the pipeline system is in operation, which affects normal use.

Measures: When the piping system is tested in accordance with the design requirements and construction specifications, in addition to recording the pressure value or water level change within the specified time, it is particularly necessary to carefully check whether there is any leakage.

5 butterfly valve flanges use ordinary valve flanges.

Consequences: The size of the butterfly valve flange is different from that of the ordinary valve flange. Some flanges have a small inner diameter, while the butterfly valve has a large disc, which will cause the valve to fail to open or hard to open, which will damage the valve.

Measure: The flange should be processed according to the actual size of the butterfly valve flange.

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