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How to Reduce the Machining Error of the Butterfly Seat?

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Mar. 26, 2021

Generally, in the daily processing of butterfly valves, processing errors are inevitable, and what we have to do is to minimize the processing errors in this process to minimize the impact on the quality of the finished product. So, how to reduce errors during processing? As a Butterfly Valve Supplier, share with you.

Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve

Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve

1. In the process of production and processing, scientific processing technology and advanced processing equipment are used to reduce or eliminate errors generated during processing.

2. Transfer the machining error, that is, transfer the error to the direction and other parts that have little or no impact on the machining accuracy.

3. The errors in the processing can be evenly distributed to the entire processed surface, so as to ensure that the error in a certain part is too large.

4. A new error can be created artificially to offset the original error. For example, if the original error is negative, a new positive error can be created to offset it.

As a valve that can be used to adjust and cut off the flow of pipeline media, the butterfly valve is widely used in the field of industrial production, so its demand is also very large. This means that some manufacturers are manufacturing hard for their own interests. When sealing butterfly valves, cutting corners to reduce production costs has resulted in some products of poor quality on the market. Customers who purchase these products will think that the quality of butterfly valves is not good and should not choose butterfly valves in the future. This view is wrong. In fact, the quality of standard butterfly valves is very good.

When we choose to buy a butterfly valve, we must clearly know where we bought it for use, and we need to understand the parameters of each use environment, choose the appropriate product based on these parameters, and look at the product description when buying. In addition to the marked parameters, it is also necessary to test whether it meets the standard, so that inferior products will not be purchased. Under normal circumstances, the service life of a butterfly valve is very long, and it is not prone to problems during use.

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