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What is the Knowledge About Butterfly Valve Installation and Maintenance?

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May. 18, 2021

Butterfly valve, also called flap valve, is a regulating valve with a relatively simple structure. Today, Butterfly Valve Supplier will tell you about the installation and maintenance of butterfly valves.

Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve

1. Before valve installation, the following work should be completed:

A. Check carefully whether the valve usage is consistent with its performance specifications.

B. Check the valve channel and sealing surface for debris, and remove it in time.

C. After opening the box, the valve must be installed in time. Do not loosen any fastening screws on the valve at will.

D. Hard seal and soft seal are equipped with standard flanges.

E. Before installation, the installation and commissioning personnel should carefully read the operating instructions, pneumatic and electric instructions, and strictly follow the instructions and wiring diagrams for installation, operation, debugging and wiring.

F. When the user requires pressure test, be sure to use the flanges at both ends to clamp or test the pressure on the pressure test bench.

G. It is advisable to close the butterfly valve during installation. The valve passage should be blocked by a cover plate during welding to prevent particles and debris from damaging the sealing surface.

2. The butterfly valve can be installed on the pipeline at any angle, usually vertical and horizontal installation, but not upside-down.

3.The butterfly valve is generally one-way use. When installing, please note that the arrow on the valve body indicates the direction of the medium pressure when the seal is closed.

4.When the flanged butterfly valve is installed at the end of the pipeline, a flange piece should be installed on the end to prevent the overpressure of the sealing ring.

5. Although the product has undergone strict inspection and pressure test before leaving the factory, there are some products that vibrate and screw displacement during transportation and need to be re-adjusted.

If the butterfly plate is not closed tightly, turn the screw a little counterclockwise, turn the butterfly plate to the sealing position, and lock the nut when appropriate. If the butterfly plate is closed too far (or the butterfly plate cannot be driven), the screw should be turned clockwise a little to open The butterfly plate closes the sealing position again, and locks the nut when appropriate.

Six. The opening and closing stroke of the control mechanism has been adjusted when the electric butterfly valve leaves the factory. In order to prevent the wrong direction when the power is turned on, the user must manually turn on the power to the half-open position before turning on the power for the first time, and then touch the switch to check that the direction of the indicator plate is consistent with the opening direction of the valve.

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