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Is the Quality of the Butterfly Valve Good?

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Apr. 28, 2020

As a Butterfly Valve Supplier, share with you. As a kind of valve that can be used to adjust and cut off the medium flow of pipelines, butterfly valves are widely used in industrial production, so their demand is also very large, and some manufacturers are manufacturing hard for their own benefit. When sealing butterfly valves, cut corners and cut materials to reduce production costs, resulting in some products of poor quality on the market. Customers who purchase these products will think that the quality of hard seal butterfly valves is not good, and they should not choose hard seal butterfly valves in the future. This view is wrong, in fact, the quality of standard hard seal butterfly valve is very good.

Lug Type Butterfly Valve

Lug Type Butterfly Valve

When we choose to buy a butterfly valve, we must clearly know where it was purchased, and we need to understand the parameters of each environment. When choosing the appropriate product according to these parameters, and in addition to looking at the product description In addition to the parameters marked, we must also test whether it has reached the standard, so that we will not buy inferior products. Under normal circumstances, the service life of the butterfly valve is very long, and it is not easy to have problems during use.

In terms of the appearance and structure of the hard butterfly valve, the structure is simple, and there are few components. From the volume aspect, its volume is also relatively light. Such appearance structure and volume make its application in the piping system relatively extensive. In order to make it work better, it needs regular maintenance during its continuous use, so how should it be done?

The maintenance of the butterfly valve is actually very simple, just do the following work.

In daily use, the butterfly valve should be kept clean, so that it is not only smoother in use, but also more efficient, even if it looks relatively comfortable. When a fault occurs during use, it should be stopped in time, and the cause of the fault should be checked and properly resolved. There are also certain requirements in the choice of working environment. For example, due to structural materials, the work of butterfly valves will be affected in some high temperature and high pressure environments, so it is best not to work in these environments. And in the process of use, the sealing surface should be avoided as much as possible, which will accelerate the wear of the butterfly valve.

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