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What is the Classification and Corresponding Description of Check Valves?

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May. 08, 2020

As a Ball Check Valve Leading Supplier, share with you. One-Way Valve: Check valve, also known as one-way valve or check valve, its role is to prevent backflow of the medium in the pipeline. The bottom valve of the water pump is also classified as a check valve.

Multi-function Check Valves

Multi-function Check Valves

Check Valve: It is a valve that can actively prevent backflow of fluid. The valve flap of the check valve opens under the action of fluid pressure, and the fluid flows from the inlet side to the outlet side. When the pressure on the inlet side is lower than that on the outlet side, the valve flap is actively closed under the action of fluid pressure difference, own gravity and other factors to prevent fluid backflow.

Check Valve: It is usually divided into several types such as lifting type, swing type, butterfly type and diaphragm type.

The structure of the lift check valve is usually similar to that of the globe valve. The valve flap moves up and down along the line in the channel. The movement is reliable, but the fluid resistance is large. The lift check valve can be vertical or vertical. Longitudinal lift check valves can usually only be installed in horizontal pipelines, while vertical lift check valves are usually installed in vertical pipelines.

The valve flap of the swing check valve rotates around the axis of rotation. The fluid resistance is usually smaller than that of the lift check valve. It is suitable for occasions with larger diameters. According to the number of valve flaps, swing check valves can be divided into three types: single flap swing type, double flap swing type and multiple flap swing type. Single-lobe swing check valves are generally suitable for medium-caliber applications. When the single-lobe swing check valve is used for large-diameter pipelines, in order to reduce the water hammer pressure, it is best to use a slow closing check valve that can reduce the water hammer pressure. Double flap swing check valve is suitable for large and medium caliber pipelines. The double-clamp double flap swing check valve has a small structure and light weight, and is a check valve with rapid development; the multi flap swing check valve is suitable for large diameter pipelines.

The structure of butterfly check valve is similar to butterfly valve. The structure is simple, the flow resistance is small, and the water hammer pressure is also small.

Diaphragm check valves have a variety of structural situations, and all use diaphragms as the opening and closing parts, because of their good waterproof hammer performance, simple structure, low cost, and rapid development in recent years. However, the operating temperature and pressure of the diaphragm check valve are limited by the diaphragm material.

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