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What are the Aspects of Gate Valve's "Quality"?

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May. 14, 2020

Gate Valve plays a decisive role in various industrial productions and can control the key equipment for smooth flow of resources from various sources. The gate valve with good quality has good sealing performance, and the structure has a small flow resistance, so it can assume the responsibility of the pipeline "manager" to manage and release all liquid substances. In order to facilitate the majority of users to have a better understanding of the "quality" of the gate valve, the following Gate Valve Supplier will briefly explain the relevant content.

DIN F4 Gate Valve

DIN F4 Gate Valve

Section 1: Good anti-corrosion performance

The reason why the gate valve can be adapted to be used in different industries is mainly because there are high-quality materials that can effectively resist all liquid substances, whether it is corrosive acid or alkali substances or various heat and cold degrees. Substances, gate valves will not be changed in the slightest quality during long-term use, will not be corroded or damaged, and always maintain the best performance and have a long service life.

Section 2: small flow resistance

During the use of the gate valve, all the internal media flows through a straight line. This design is mainly to allow various liquid substances to pass through the gate valve without resistance, and can smoothly pass through the gate of the gate valve. Fast mobile destination. Moreover, the opening and closing of the gate valve is very labor-saving. As long as the gate is turned, the medium can quickly flow through.

Section 3: Compact structure and good sealing

The structure design of the gate valve is unique, very compact, and the structure is simple and the length is short. This design is also mainly to make the sealing performance of the entire valve good without leaking media substances. And the sealing surface is made of stainless steel, which can improve the sealing performance and make the operation light and flexible.

The "quality" of the gate valve is mainly reflected in its good anti-corrosion ability, small flow resistance and good sealing, because its superior performance is only obvious so that it can be valued in major projects. The popular gate valve not only can fully exert these advantages in actual use, but also can effectively avoid the water hammer phenomenon for opening and closing control. It is not difficult to see that the overall advantages of the gate valve can stand out among many valve products. Its "quality" can't be separated.

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